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Rahul Fasteners & Fittings is one of the well-known aluminium bronze stockist, manufacturers and suppliers of ALLUMINIUM BRONZE FASTENERS, which are used for their combination of high strength, excellent corrosion and wear resistance. Nickel aluminium bronze includes non-vacuum mode cast and vacuum mode cast on the base of classification, which represent 48% and 21% of global nickel aluminium bronze market. Aluminum bronze is a type of bronze in which aluminum is the main alloying metal added to copper, in contrast to standard bronze (copper and tin) or brass (copper and zinc). Nickel aluminium bronze suppliers produce products which have strong properties of strength and corrosion resistance due to its high aluminum and iron content. Aluminum bronze alloys typically contain 9-12% aluminum and up to 6% iron and nickel. Marine, Industrial and plumbing are the main application of Nickel Aluminum Bronze Fasteners and is the largest nickel aluminum bronze market on production and consumption.







A variety of aluminum bronzes of differing compositions have found industrial use, with most ranging from 5% to 11% aluminum by weight, the remaining mass being copper; other alloying agents such as iron, nickel, manganese, and silicon are also sometimes added to aluminum bronzes. Aluminum in conjunction with iron and nickel in C955 acts as a strengthener in these alloys. These alloys are tarnish-resistant and show low rates of corrosion in atmospheric conditions, low oxidation rates at high temperatures, and low reactivity with sulfurous compounds and other exhaust products of combustion. We also offer the same in different types such as ALLUMINIUM BRONZE BOLTS, ALLUMINIUM BRONZE NUTS, ALLUMINIUM BRONZE WASHERS, and ALLUMNIUM BRONZE STUD BOLTS. Meanwhile buy ALLUMINIUM BRONZE FASTENERS at reasonable rates from us.
Aluminium bronze is also known as nickel–aluminum bronze, and manganese–aluminum bronze. Aluminium bronze is an alloy of copper containing 4% – 15% aluminum other minimal amount of metals, in which the chemical composition needed to manufacture bronze bolts and nuts might differ depending upon its industrial uses.
Asiads Steels is a leading aluminum fastener manufacturer and supplier in various range of industries.

What are Aluminium Bronze Fasteners?
Aluminium bronze fasteners are seamless bronze nuts with an aluminium alloy and good oxidizing acid resistance. The majority of aluminium bronzes have a composition of 5–11% aluminium, with copper as the primary material and other metals added.
Where Aluminium Bronze Fasteners are used?
Aluminium Bronze Screws are used in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and marine industrial applications for their high corrosion resistance.

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Aluminium Bronze Fasteners Specification

Aluminium Bronze


ASTM B 111 C60800/ASME SB 111 C 60800 /EN 12451 CuAL5AS / CW200 / C61400 / C95400 / C61800 / C62300 / C62400 / C62500 / C95200 / C95900 / CuAL11Ni5Fe5, BS1400-AB1 & AB2, BS2874 CA104 & Ca103 / CW300G/ CW303G

1/4″ to 2″

Aluminium Bronze Fasteners Price

  • Aluminium Bronze Hexagon Bolt
    US $0.01-1.5 / Piece
  • Aluminium Bronze fastener heavy hex nuts M8
    US $0.001-0.009 / Piece
  • Aluminium Bronze Hex Socket Cap Screw
    US $0.1-2 / Piece
  • Aluminium Bronze spring washer
    US $0.02-0.6 / Piece
  • Aluminium Bronze full threaded Stud bolt
    US $1-2000 / Piece

Aluminum Bronze Fasteners Equivalent Grades




QQ-C-390, G5;
QQ-B-671, CLASS 3
MIL-B-16033, CLASS 3



QQ-C-390, G5;
QQ-B-671, CLASS 3
MIL-B-16033, CLASS 3

J461 J463
QQ-C-465B AMD1


Aluminium Bronze Physical Properties

Melting Point – Liquidus 1930° F 1054° C
Melting Point – Solidus 1895° F 1035° C
Density 0.274 lb/in3 at 68° F 7.58 gm/cm3 at 20° C
Specific Gravity 7.58 7.58
Electrical Conductivity 7% IACS at 68° F 0.041 MegaSiemens/cm at 20° C
Thermal Conductivity 22.60 Btu · ft/(hr · ft2 · °F) at 68° F 39.1 W/m at 20° C
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 9.0 · 10-6 per °F (68°-572° F) 15.5 · 10-6 per °C (20°-300° C)
Specific Heat Capacity 0.090 Btu/lb/°F at 68° F 377.1 J/kg at 293° C
Modulus of Elasticity in Tension 17500 ksi 120650 MPa
Modulus of Rigidity 6400 ksi 44130 MPa

Other Types Of Aluminium Bronze Fasteners

Aluminium Bronze Fasteners Aluminium Fasteners
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Aluminium Bronze Washers Exporter Aluminium Bronze Stud Bolt
Aluminium Bronze Fender Washer Aluminium Bronze Bolts Manufacturer
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ASTM C63200 Aluminium Bronze Bolts Manufacturer ASTM C 63000 Aluminium Bronze Pan Head Screw
Aluminium Bronze Double Ended Stud Aluminium Bronze Tie Bar Exporter
Aluminium Bronze Square Bolts Supplier Aluminium Bronze Punched Washer Distributor
ASTM C 62400 Aluminium Bronze Lock Nut Supplier Aluminium Bronze Coupler Nuts
Aluminium Bronze Flat Washer Aluminium Bronze Locking Nuts Manufacturer
Aluminium Bronze Studbolt Aluminium Bronze Countersunk Slotted Screw
Aluminium Bronze Bolts


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